Project architecture and organizationΒΆ

The project is split in several parts:

  • libnopegl: the core of the project, an OpenGL engine in C, containing all the nodes.

  • ngl-tools: a set of various program tools using libnopegl.

  • pynopegl: a Python binding for libnopegl (with the help of Cython) to create graph scenes in the most simple way.

  • pynopegl-utils: various Python utilities and examples such as an advanced Qt5 controller with many features such as live editing.


  • libnopegl requires a standard C toolchain and meson build system. It also depends on (libnopemd) for media (video and images) playback. Graphviz is optional but can be used to render and preview graphs obtained from the API.

  • ngl-tools needs SDL2 and libnopegl installed.

  • pynopegl needs Python and Cython, and libnopegl installed.

  • pynopegl-utils needs Python and pynopegl. The controller depends on PySide6 (which is the main reason why this package is separated from the pynopegl package). It is also recommended to install Graphviz in order to render graph in the controller.

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