Nope Forge documentationΒΆ

The Nope Forge project provides a free and open source cross-platform framework for motion design, 2D composition and visual effects.

For the bleeding edge main branch version of the documentation, see

This documentation is split into 2 main sections: user and developers documentation. General usage (including programming interfaces) belongs to the former; the latter refers to development within the project itself.

Within each section, the documentation follows the Divio documentation system, which means it is structured into 4 main categories:

  • Tutorials: introduction to general concepts to get started with the project

  • How-to guides: step-by-step instructions and examples to cover common usage questions

  • Discussions and explanations: provides clarifications and background on key topics

  • Reference documentation: the technical and exhaustive reference

The whole documentation is updated automatically according to changes happening in the main GitHub repository.